Riverdale Country Day Middle School Bronx, NY

January 5, 2016 Sandy Rubenstein 0

Letter from Riverdale Country Day, Middle School, Bronx, NY: “I had a great discussion with my homebase, and a number of homebase teachers reached out to me to share the same. As faculty, we’re all in agreement that you are quite the skilled storyteller who knows how to speak to the heart of students. Your weaving together of images, and your father’s personal account within a historical narrative, challenged us to think about our moral […]

Pascack Hills High School Students from the Holocaust Studies Program Montvale, NJ

January 5, 2015 Sandy Rubenstein 0

Hi Sandy, The students’ responses to your presentation were diverse and all extremely positive. While it’s difficult to express the lengthy discussions we had in class yesterday, here are some of the noteworthy comments from them:  – Many were quite touched by you. One student noted the “pride” you have in sharing your father’s story, and others commented on the “duty” and “obligation” you felt to share it. Several were very moved by your “emotional” […]


May 21, 2013 Sandy Rubenstein 0

Letters from students at Holdrum Middle School: Dear Mrs. Rubenstein, Thank you for coming to Holdrum. It must have been very hard to talk about your father’s experiences. It takes a strong person like you to do that. You didn’t just talk about your father but also about how to prevent what happened to him in the future. John Your presentation touched each and every one of us. You showed us that you should never […]

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