May 21, 2013 Sandy Rubenstein 0

Letters from students at Holdrum Middle School: Dear Mrs. Rubenstein, Thank you for coming to Holdrum. It must have been very hard to talk about your father’s experiences. It takes a strong person like you to do that. You didn’t just talk about your father but also about how to prevent what happened to him in the future. John Your presentation touched each and every one of us. You showed us that you should never […]


October 21, 2012 Sandy Rubenstein 0

Introduction: Mark Tanchel, MD, Member, Temple Emanuel Dear Sandy: I came to your presentation this past Sunday at Temple Emanuel. I was sitting in the front row to your left and came up after to speak with you. I must tell you, I went home ad read your father’s book cover to cover. I couldn’t put it down. It was an amazing and well-written account of that unimaginable chapter in your father’s life. I was […]

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