The Dalton School

April 30, 2018 Sandy Rubenstein 1

108 E. 89th St. New York, NY Dalton News – June 2018 Grade 8 students participated in the final DC seminar in preparation for their grade- wide educational trip. To help prepare them for their visit to The National Holocaust Museum in Washington, students viewed a presentation from Sandy Rubenstein, a Holocaust educator and middle school teacher from the Horace Mann School.  Sandy’s presentation focused on her father’s memoir, Mark It With a Stone, a narrative […]

Horace Mann School – Bronx, NY

April 25, 2018 Sandy Rubenstein 3

Horace Mann School –  Presentation to the Faculty “Dear Sandy, Thank you for your amazing and inspiring presentation. Your story, vision, and passion is a gift to all of us at Horace Mann and the world.” Deena Neuwirth, Head of Lower Division, Horace Mann School

The Commemoration – Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 19, 2017 Sandy Rubenstein 0

        At the dedication           Hilda Chazanovitz, Deputy Mayor of Radom, Karol Semik, and Sharon Grosfeld at the dedication. Hilda and Sharon have been instrumental in organizing, with the organization, Forum for Dialog, this historic milestone. (photo courtesy of Sharon Grosfeld)             The mayor with Sol Birenbaum, a Radom survivor and childhood friend of my father, Joseph Horn. (photo courtesy of Forum for […]

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