The Dalton School

April 30, 2018 Sandy Rubenstein 2

108 E. 89th St. New York, NY Dalton News – June 2018 Grade 8 students participated in the final DC seminar in preparation for their grade- wide educational trip. To help prepare them for their visit to The National Holocaust Museum in Washington, students viewed a presentation from Sandy Rubenstein, a Holocaust educator and middle school teacher from the Horace Mann School.  Sandy’s presentation focused on her father’s memoir, Mark It With a Stone, a narrative […]

Horace Mann School – Bronx, NY

April 25, 2018 Sandy Rubenstein 1

Horace Mann School –  Presentation to the Faculty “Dear Sandy, Thank you for your amazing and inspiring presentation. Your story, vision, and passion is a gift to all of us at Horace Mann and the world.” Deena Neuwirth, Head of Lower Division, Horace Mann School