The Dalton School

108 E. 89th St.
New York, NY

Dalton News – June 2017
Grade 8 students participated in the final DC seminar in preparation for their grade-
wide educational trip. To help prepare them for their visit to The National Holocaust
Museum in Washington, students viewed a presentation from Sandy Rubenstein, a
Holocaust educator and middle school teacher from the Horace Mann School.  Sandy’s
presentation focused on her father’s memoir, Mark It With a Stone, a narrative of his
ordeal and survival during the Holocaust.

In advance of this conversation, students worked with their history teachers and House
Advisors to consider the definition of genocide, the role of individual citizens and
communities in relation to genocide, and how genocide is manifest in the modern
world. Following the presentation, students continued their learning through reflective
writing assignments and small group structured conversations where students
participated in Q’s & A’s.


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