Riverdale Country Day Middle School Bronx, NY

With Milton Sipp, Head of Riverdale County Day Middle School Jennifer Granowitz, Park Ave Synagogue, Julie Kopel, USHMM Education Department, Kristin Schmid, Teacher, Horace Mann School

Letter from Riverdale Country Day, Middle School, Bronx, NY:

“I had a great discussion with my homebase, and a number of homebase teachers reached out to me to share the same. As faculty, we’re all in agreement that you are quite the skilled storyteller who knows how to speak to the heart of students. Your weaving together of images, and your father’s personal account within a historical narrative, challenged us to think about our moral responsibility to refugees and other displaced peoples. This is a beautiful tribute to your father’s memory.”

  • Antoinette Quarshie

 Assistant Director of Global Studies, Community Engagement Team, 
Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY

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